The City of Robstown held an open house Friday to announce the completion of a new building to house the Emergency Medical Services and renovations to the police and fire departments.

During a special ceremony held at Centennial Park, former Robstown Mayor Julio Garcia Jr. spoke to the crowd about the importance of supporting first responders.

"These are three of the most important departments a city can have," Garcia said. "It's something positive that's happening for Robstown."

The new EMS building, which is located next to the fire department on Ave. A, provides 2,000 square feet of room for the personnel, including office space, a kitchen and sleeping quarters.

After a fire destroyed the old EMS facility two years ago, Robstown EMS was moved into the fire department. Juan Martinez, EMS director for the City of Robstown, thanked the fire fighters for their hospitality, but said his personnel were ready to move into the new building.

"It's nice to have our own space again," Martinez said. "It was money well spent, and as long as we take care of it, it should stay there for a long time."

The fire department received a fresh coat of paint and new lockers for the fire fighters' bunker gear.

Fire Chief Richard Gonzalez said Friday those simple changes were having a positive effect on his fire fighters.

"These guys work hard in their profession," Gonzalez said. "Everything looks good, and the cleanliness gives you a feeling of pride that you work there."

The police department saw extensive remodeling on the ground floor and the second floor. That remodeling included the construction of a new conference room, the installation of new lighting and the installation of new insulation.

Police Chief Johnny Brown said the newly remodeled department was something he had been working toward for several years.

"I had a dream about this police department a long time ago," Brown said. "And it's finally coming together."

City Secretary Paula Wakefield said Monday the cost of the new EMS building and the renovations totaled more than $260,000, and were funded with help from the Rosbtown Utility System.