The Nueces County Record Star Website has received a new makeover that is designed to offer the community more opportunities to show what is going on around the area.

The new site went active Sept. 20, with a new look and interface that is meant to give readers a better way to navigate from story to story by the use of various tabs at the top of the home page. In addition, readers will still be able to offer comments on stories they read, a feature which was implemented this week and will be a permanent item on the Website.

Readers may also submit calendar events for their respective organizations or schools, which will be made visible on the online calendar for all other site visitors to see.

Another new feature is the ability for readers to submit photos to place in an online photo gallery, which has been divided up into various categories, from the fairgrounds to school events. These submissions are subject to approval and may be denied if the material is deemed to be offensive or inappropriate.

Also, an online poll will be posted every week on the homepage, with results to be printed in each issue of the Record Star in the opinion section.