WASHINGTON , D.C. - The U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday recognizing the centennial anniversary of Robstown.

U.S. Rep. Solomon P. Ortiz, D-Corpus Christi, whose hometown is Robstown, made the following remarks on the House floor in support of the resolution.

"I rise today to congratulate and honor 'The Biggest Little Town in Texas': Robstown, Texas," Ortiz said. "Robstown has been 'Celebrating a Century' this year, as the city turns 100 years old. This centennial celebration and resolution are especially important to me because Robstown is my hometown.

"I was born and raised there, attended the public schools there, and held my first job as a 'printer's devil' at the local newspaper there. Cotton and vegetable farming played an important role in the history and economy of Robstown, named after prominent local Robert Driscoll.

"Robstown is a town where citizens are deeply committed to public service. We've sent sons and daughters to shape history in local, state, and federal offices. County commissioners, sheriffs, district attorneys, district judges, federal judges, state representatives - and this proud member of Congress - can all trace their roots to Robstown.

"Robstown also has a great athletic tradition. Gene Upshaw, former NFL great, hails from Robstown. Humberto "Lefty" Barrera, bantamweight boxer on the historic 1960 Olympic team, who later earned an engineering degree at night school, also called Robstown home.

"Our students also excel in the classroom, including the Robstown High School Cottonpickers, who have achieved much in the fields of academics and athletics.

"All year long, we have recognized the 'Century of Celebration,' which included a formal celebration on June 1. One of our greatest traditions is the annual Cottonfest, held in October. This year's was bigger and better than ever before. Live music, arts and crafts, sports competitions, cook-offs, contests, carnivals, and historical exhibits provide something for everyone.

"We also have much to look forward to, as our town continues to grow. Robstown enters the 21st century at the crossroads of international trade due to its proximity to railroads, interstate highways, seaports, and airports. Robstown will serve as a rail hub by connecting major railway companies - Texas Mexican Railway, Kansas City Southern, and Union Pacific - with direct links to Corpus Christi, Brownsville, Houston, San Antonio and Laredo.

"Robstown is also home to the new Nueces County fairgrounds and an entertainment venue.

"My hometown is the future home of an inland port, which will be the first such port in the United States, and the future home of an Army storage facility. And no trip to Robstown would be complete without filling yourself up with South Texas' best BBQ at Joe Cotten's. Cotten's is an iconic restaurant where many of you have joined me for lunch South Texas style. It is where presidential candidates, athletes, businessmen, cowboys, writers, astronauts, generals, admirals, other celebrities, and thousands of others have eaten over the years.

"Robstown is the best of our communities in South Texas - friendly, family-oriented, and proud of their history. It was in Robstown where my mother taught me my most important lesson: to always serve the community that gave me so many opportunities growing up.

"To whom much is given, much is expected.

"Please join me in honoring Robstown on the city's 100th anniversary."