Robstown city officials last week toured a correctional facility in Nueces County just about 10 miles south of the city of Robstown.

The 250,000-square-foot LCS Correctional Facility, located down County Road 81, held its ground breaking in February and is scheduled to open Aug. 1.

The correctional facility will be capable of holding 1,100 inmates and will serve approximately 10,000 hot meals per day.

Though residents in the surrounding neighborhoods have expressed concern about this facility opening near homes and families, Vice President of LCS Correction Solutions, Richard Harbison, mentioned that security on LCS facility is "very secure" and inmates would not be able to escape, nor would someone on the outside be able to enter the facility.

"We buy nothing from the outside and we make all our meals from our facility," Harbison said. "Our facility also includes a commissary, which is basically like a corner store for our inmates; our inmates will have no reason to ever have to leave our facility."

The LCS facility's fence is resistant against inmates being able to go under, over or through it, Harbison said. If the fence is tampered with, the automatic alarm will alert the wardens, deputies, local police, and LCS administrators on their personal phones.

"All services and maintenance for this facility are internal. Maintenance, doctors, nurses, dentists, and anything our inmates would need is provided here in the facility, there would be no reason someone from the outside would need to enter the facility, if they're not an inmate or a visitor," Harbison said.

The LCS facility will also include eight classrooms for inmates, but LCS is still not sure as to what educational programs will be offered.

"This is the facility that LCS Correction Solutions has built, this facility in Nueces County is also the biggest within a 100 mile radius," Harbison said.

Harbison mentioned that this facility will be have around 200 employment positions available before it expands again.

"With the facility being so close to our community, it will give our citizens an opportunity to take advantage of the jobs available and hopefully they will go out to the job fair," Robstown Mayor Rodrigo Ramon Jr. said.

The LCS facility's water for the kitchen and laundry will be solar heated; the rest of the unit will be heated by high efficiency water units.

By mid-June, all the offices are set to be finished. May has been scheduled for the job fair to fill positions at the facility.

The LCS facility is set to have its open house in July, which will be the last time the public will be able to see the facility from the inside.