The Tuloso-Midway High School varsity football team recently had an isolated case of staphylococcus infection affect three players, school officials said.

Athletic Director Jose Sendejar confirmed on Friday that seven different players showed signs of the infection earlier in the week, at which point they were all instructed to see their doctors.

Three of those players were diagnosed with a staph infection, though no official cultures were taken, Sendejar said.

The athletic director sent a letter to all parents immediately after the incident was reported.

“We informed everyone right away,” TMISD Athletic Director Jose Sendejar said. “All the lockers, floors and showers were disinfected.”

Sendejar emphasized that this incident was isolated and fairly routine, hoping to dispel rumors that the infection was severe and had spread to the entire team.

“It’s something that happens,” he said. “Stuff like that builds up when it gets hot, which often happens in athletic facilities. Our coaches take care of the kids and are on top of situations like this.”

In the letter sent to the parents, the athletic department officials mentioned that the varsity locker room had a three-month period with no air-conditioning, which may have contributed to the start of the infection.

TMISD Interim Superintendent Sue Nelson confirmed that the locker room air conditioning unit had broken down a few months ago, but she said delivery of a replacement unit had been delayed several weeks. Nelson also mentioned that three other locations in the district needed replacement units, including two classrooms at Tuloso-Midway Primary School and the main office at Tuloso-Midway Intermediate School.

Those units will be installed during intercession break, she said.