Lights out

While getting an update from TAC Energy Solutions on the progress of energy conservation renovations taking place around the Tuloso-Midway Independent School District, school board trustees were asked to take note of the increased brightness of the board's meeting room.

"I think the light at the high school has more than doubled," said Brandon Simmons, who is overseeing the upgrades for TAC. The board room had new bulbs installed that use less energy and offer more light, he added.

"I know Carol Sue was in the dark (in her office) and now she can see," said Superintendent Cornelio Gonzalez as he looked over at Carol Sue Hipp, assistant superintendent for business and operations, with a smirk.

Show me the money

Before approving to accept what is the largest donation ever from the Tuloso-Midway Education Foundation, TMISD school board trustees were shown a ceremonial check by executive director Sharon Trott that displayed the exact amount: $40,889.

After a few minutes of discussion, trustees unanimously approved the acceptance of the grant and Trott began to move back towards her seat. Board president Paul Mostella began to ask if there were any other comments before moving on to the next item on the school board's agenda when he was jokingly interrupted by Gonzalez.

"You want the check?" Mostella asked as Trott turned to look at the board president.

Gonzalez stood and smiled, and then motioned to the foundation's executive director.

"I want the check," the superintendent said as the board erupted with laughter.

"Off the Wall" is compiled from various public meetings from around Nueces County. News Editor Tim Olmeda contributed to this report.