Agua Dulce High School came away with the highest math scores in the immediate area, with 62 percent of ninth-grade students and 68 percent of 10-grade students meeting math standards on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills tests.

Agua Dulce Independent School District superintendent Donna Hilliard said she sees room for improvement in the district, but at this point, she's gearing up for the next round of testing.

"I'm very pleased with the efforts of the teachers and staff," she said. "My expectation is that we'll have 100 percent, but that will take some time."

Hilliard noted the small dip in eighth-grade science scores was the result of a group of students in that grade level who historically were not successful in math, but she pointed out those students have worked hard and showed tremendous growth when compared to their performance last year.

"We know we're on the right track. We're looking at the children, to see what needs are there, and we will work to close that gap," Hilliard said.