A former counselor for the Calallen Independent School District is working to open a pregnancy resource center in the Annaville area.

Sue Bernsen, who retired from the school district in May after nine years, is working to gather funds to open Refuge of Hope, a resource center for young women who may be facing a pregnancy decision.

Currently, Bernsen is canvassing the area to get services in line for the facility, such as nurses, Medicaid assistance and diabetes help for underserved individuals.

"There is a great need and I'm just taking it one day at a time," Bernsen said, adding that the center will not offer birth control, since it is a Christian organization.

Refuge of Hope will be partnered with Care Net, an organization that does not support abortion, but rather promotes adoption or counseling women during their pregnancies.

The center will, however, provide pregnancy tests and information, medical referrals, birth and parenting classes, adoption referrals, among many others. However, Bernsen said all of those services might not be available when the facility opens its doors in September, since funding is dependent on private and charitable donations.

Bernsen said Monday that she was planning to meet with city of Corpus Christi and county leaders about the facility, but no discussions on funding have taken place, yet.

"We're going to make the city and county officials aware of our organization, but we're not planning to ask for funding from them at this time - that's not to say we wouldn't accept it, though," she said.

A gala event will be held Aug. 22 to help raise funds for the center to purchase various items, such as furniture and other equipment, at the Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds in Robstown. Performing at the event will be Christian recording artist Mark Schultz.

For more information, contact 241-5300, or visit the Refuge of Hope Web site at www.refugeofhopecc.com.