A Robstown man has been arrested in connection with the brutal assault and robbery of a Robstown shopkeeper in late September and police said the man is also a suspect in another recent robbery and assault in the city.

Ramiro Silva Flores Jr., 26, of 132 1/2 W. Avenue G, was arrested Oct. 25 in connection with the Sept. 27 robbery of the Trash & Treasure antique store at 201 N. Fifth St.

Flores was charged with aggravated robbery and police said more charges are possible in the case.

Shop owner Joyce Milstead, 72, suffered a broken nose, broken cheekbone, several lacerations to her face and bruising to the back of her head while being beaten with a coffee cup and metal receipt book after Flores ambushed Milstead during the afternoon robbery, police said.

Police said the attack occurred after Flores had an extensive conservation with Milstead and Flores robbed about $50 from the store, which has since been closed.

Det. Sgt. Enrique Paredez Jr. said the investigation resulted in two eyewitnesses placing Flores at the scene of the robbery, around the time it occurred.

One witness saw Flores in the vicinity of the Trash & Treasure store while another witness saw him in the store seconds before the attack occurred, Paredez said.

Police said they are looking into the possibility that Flores acted with an accomplice in the robbery.

"We just want to make sure that he's the only one," Paredez said. "That's why the investigation is still ongoing. There might be somebody else involved, there might not. We are looking into the possibility that one other person was involved."

Flores is also a suspect in the Sept. 26 robbery of the Town & Country Community Store at 600 N. Fifth St., Paredez said during a news conference Wednesday.

"He is a possible suspect, yes," Paredez said.

Shopkeeper Sandra Gonzalez, 45, was assaulted during that robbery and left completely blind after the attack, which also occurred at about 2:30 p.m.

Gonzalez, who was already partially blind in one eye with a prosthetic eye, suffered a torn cornea in her other eye and other facial injuries.

Her store was robbed of about $30.

The investigation of the Town & Country robbery is still ongoing, although Flores is a suspect in that case, Paredez said.

Police said information from Corpus Christi Crimestoppers led to the arrest of Flores.

Flores had been in the Nueces County Jail on a charge of theft between $50 and $500 and a motion to revoke probation after a Sept. 24 theft, police said.

He was interviewed by police at the jail and confessed to the Trash & Treasure store robbery, while denying the Town & Country robbery, Paredez said.

Paredez said Flores offered no explanation for the brutality of the attack on Milstead.

Flores was charged Oct. 25 with the Trash & Treasure robbery, Paredez said. Flores has prior felony convictions, but no robbery convictions.

Flores is being held at the jail without bond since there is a motion to revoke his probation.

News Editor Tim Olmeda contributed to this report.