Fundraising for candidates is in full swing ahead of the Nov. 2 General Election, with one Republican challenger receiving a $100,000 contribution, according to campaign finance reports filed recently.

In the race for District 34 State Representative, Republican Connie Scott raised $211,316 since the beginning of July, when candidates last filed campaign finance reports with their respective local, state and federal offices. She spent $116,848 to promote her campaign, but still had a total balance of $142,536.

That figure includes any funds leftover from previous contributions accounted for in past reports.

Nearly half of Scott's total funds raised came from a $100,000 contribution from the Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign Fund, according to her finance report.

Scott's Democratic opponent, incumbent Abel Herrero, only raised $77,540 during this reporting period, which ran from July 1 through Sept. 23. However, he has more money leftover than the Republican challenger, with his total campaign balance sitting at $182,825. Herrero had total expenditures of $32,943 for this reporting period.

In the race for Nueces County Judge, incumbent Loyd Neal has raised about eight times as much in political contributions than his opponent, Clarissa Gonzalez. Neal raised $32,584 during the most recent reporting period, while his opponent only managed to raise $4,350.

Neal spent $47,775 on various expenditures, including political advertisements and consultants. He has a total balance remaining of $58,493, as well as an outstanding loan of $5,000 for his campaign.

Gonzalez spent only $3,575 during her reporting period, with expenditures for radio and television advertisements and campaign support. Her total remaining balance is $13,556, as well as an outstanding loan of $31,383.

Former Justice of the Peace for Precinct 1, Place 1 Joe A. "JAG" Gonzalez raised slightly more in political contributions than his Republican opponent, Gil Hernandez, with Gonzalez raising $17,688 to Hernandez's $11,420. Gonzalez spent a total of $11,251 promoting his campaign, while Hernandez had expenditures totaling $12,476.

In terms of how much money is remaining in each candidate's campaign war chest, Gonzalez has $7,839, while Hernandez has $10,397, along with an outstanding loan of $11,200.

In the race for Nueces County District Attorney, Democratic challenger Mark Skurka more than doubled funds raised by incumbent Republican Anna Jimenez, with Skurka raising $60,888 to Jimenez's $28,996.

Skurka also spent more this reporting period than his opponent, with the bulk of his $65,573 going towards advertising. Jimenez, meanwhile, had expenditures totaling $7,958 that was also geared primarily towards advertising for her campaign.

However, in terms of money left in each campaign's reserves, Jimenez has a strong advantage over her opponent, with a total of $20,712 remaining, while Skurka has a total balance of $1,882.

Current 105th District Court Judge J. Manuel Banales nearly tripled the fundraising efforts of his Republican opponent, Angelica Hernandez, with Banales raising $113,352 to Hernandez's $41,031.

In terms of spending, Banales outspent the challenger by a wide margin, with expenditures totaling $113,964. Hernandez spent $31,818 during this reporting period, with $22,500 going to production company Reel Simple Productions for television commercials and media placement.

Remaining balances for each candidate are $32,797 for Banales to Hernandez's $6,523.29. Hernandez also has an outstanding loan of $18,932.

In the race for 148th District Court Judge, Republican challenger has raised $3,330 in political contributions, while spending $3,124. His contribution balance was reported to be $205.

A recent campaign finance report for his Democratic opponent, current 148th District Court Judge Marisela Saldana, has not been filed, according to online records.

Reports filed by the Oct. 4 deadline included donations and expenditures from July 1 to Sept. 23. Candidates must next file reports by 5 p.m. on Oct. 25.