Eliza's Beauty Salon, owned by Eliza Hanson, celebrated its 50th anniversary Saturday at its location along Lincoln Avenue in Robstown.

"I was so glad that so many people came out to the open house," Eliza said. "It was nice to see some of customers and previous beauticians come out and celebrate with me, some who I hadn't seen in years."

As people came and went, the 90-year-old owner looked as rejuvenated as could be. As friends and customers walked through the door, she was thrilled to see everyone celebrating with her.

"Everything went well and Eliza was really happy and excited," said Mandy Ortiz of Robstown, who's also a beautician at Eliza's Beauty Salon. "Things turned out good and it is such an honor to have been working with Eliza for 36 years now."

There were about 50 people who came out to congratulate and celebrate with Eliza on the many years her business has been around.

"It is just wonderful to be here today, it's always great to visit with the beauticians and friends of the beauty shop, chit-chatting is what I love about coming to Eliza's Beauty Shop," said Kay Schwirtlich of Robstown.