Nueces County Commissioners last week unanimously approved the reclassification of the sole position at the county airport, as well as increasing the job's pay scale, in hopes of attracting a broad range of applicants.

The move, made during the commissioners' March 23 meeting, changes the job title from "airport attendant" to "airport manager." To accompany the change, county leaders also upped the position's pay, from $12.10 per hour to $17.69 per hour.

The move also puts the airport manager directly under the direction of the Nueces County Commissioners Court, though the manager will still have to work with the county's Public Works Department.

As a new department head, the airport manager will be responsible for following the county's purchasing procedures and other record keeping policies.

Other responsibilities include the manager being solely responsible for keeping records of all financial transactions that take place at the airport, from fuel purchases to hangar lease agreements, according to a copy of the qualifications list provided by the county.

The airport's previous attendant, Manuel Flores, resigned his position in October after an audit revealed he had used the funds from the airport's cash till for his own personal use.

The county as of last week had begun advertising the new position.