The Corpus Christi City Council voted 5-3 on Tuesday in favor of extending a contract with R.H. Shackelford Inc. to continue management services over the demolition of Memorial Coliseum, but without a two-thirds majority vote, the amendment failed to pass.

Corpus Christi City Council members Kevin Kieschnick, Chris Adler and Linda Strong voted in opposition to the contract amendment. The amendment called for an additional payment of $28,000 by the city to R.H. Shackelford Inc. to complete management over the project.

R.H. Shackelford's role included overseeing the work done by A&R Demolition at the Memorial Coliseum site. Corpus Christi city engineering director Pete Anaya said due to delays on the project, including a three-month legal dispute, the original contract with R.H. Shackelford ended prior to the project's completion. The installation of the irrigation system is incomplete and sod still needs to be put in place, Anaya said.

During the city council meeting, Kieschnick read aloud the description of duties contained in the contract between R.H. Shackelford and the City of Corpus Christi. The agreement called for manager services and periodic site visits, which Kieschnick said could have been taken care of by city staff.

The economic downturn affected A&R Demolition to the point where a bonding company had to be called in to assist the company in completion of the work, Anaya said. The main effort by R.H. Shackelford to this point had been in negotiating with the bond company to try and bring the demolition project to completion, Anaya said.

Kieschnick then reiterated that city staff should have the skill sets required to manage the project.

"We're talking about saving money and doing the right thing going forward and not hiring these consultants," Kieschnick said. "This is the kind of consultant that gives us a black eye. I know that we will eventually recoup some of that (money), but I'm seeing standard project skill sets we should have on staff."

Anaya said the decision to go with R.H. Shackelford was because of a lack of those specific demolition skill sets in the background of current city personnel. He said moving forward, city staff would be able to handle the installation of the irrigation system and the laying of sod on site.

The project will be completed in mid-May, Anaya said.