Precinct 1 Nueces County Commissioner Mike Pusley last week announced his intention to seek re-election in next year's General Election.

"Thanks to smart money-saving decisions, the county was able to cut spending while helping working families weather this tough recession," he said in a May 5 e-mail announcing his re-election bid.

"With the help of other conservatives on the Commissioners Court, we've improved our infrastructure, implemented necessary technology upgrades, worked to make Nueces County a better place to live and, above all, held the property tax rate flat to allow more money to remain in (taxpayers') pockets," he wrote.

Pusley, who will kick off his re-election campaign May 19 at Brewster's Street Icehouse, was elected in 2008. No other challengers have announced their intention to run against him.

Prior to serving as a county commissioner, Pusley had served on variuos city committees and was a Tuloso-Midway Independent School District Trustee.