A challenger for the Place 6 seat on the Robstown Independent School District Board of Trustees said he hopes to help bring change to the district and how it is perceived around the area.

Osvaldo Romero, a 1971 graduate of Robstown High School and lifetime resident, said he feels the board's recent actions, including public outbursts and arguments by trustees, have helped portray the district in a negative light.

"The one thing that I feel is the foundation, the key, is school board unity," Romero said. "There has been over 12 years of divisiveness with our school board and that has to come to an end. It doesn't make sense for school board members to blast each other during meetings."

Romero, who has also served as mayor of Robstown, said he is hoping that voters cast their ballots for new names to serve on the board, rather than reelecting incumbents who he says have done little to move the district forward.

"School board members must set positive examples, not only for our young people, but to the community as well," Romero said. "I feel very confident we can accomplish this…because we are the new faces."

Romero said one of the biggest issues he would like the board to address, if he is elected, is to improve student retention. School officials have previously said no plan is in place to help stem the annual loss of students, which led to the RISD to be bumped down this year, from a 4-A school district to 3-A.

"When we lose students, we lose money," Romero said. "If we have better student retention, then we can get some of that money back."