High winds were partly to blame for an incident that left a disabled Robstown man without a vehicle.

The accident occurred Monday in the 300 block of Dakota Street during a day that was ripe with high winds. Forecasters with the National Weather Service said wind gusts Monday reached speeds as high as 53 miles per hour.

Sixty-year-old Manuel Perez said he was leaving his daughter's home to run errands and walking towards his 1992 Ford Windstar when the incident occurred.

"I saw cats start running and then I heard a real hard wind and then I heard the crash," Perez said. "I look closer and I see my windshield broken - it hit my van."

Robstown police responded to the call but no injuries were reported. Perez's van suffered extensive damage to the front of the vehicle, including multiple scratches and dents to the hood, a shattered windshield and a flattened front left tire.

City crews were on the scene about an hour and a half after the incident occurred and removed the fallen tree. It appeared to have been weakened by termites and seemed to have had little chance against the high winds.

While Perez is grateful no one was hurt when the large tree came down, he is concerned about how he will manage without a vehicle. He only had liability insurance and doesn't work, since he suffers from diabetes and is partially blind.

However, his daughter, 35-year-old Michelle Martinez, was just happy to see her father standing beside her as she surveyed the damage.

"His life is more important than that van," she said.