All three department directors with the City of Bishop turned down proposed raises last week, opening the door for raises for all other employees with the city later this month.

During a Bishop City Council meeting held on Jan. 27, the council considered a $.25 per hour raise for all city employees, including department heads. That increase would have cost the city an additional $15,300 in this year's budget, city officials said.

Council member Lee Roy Kieschnick introduced a motion in favor of granting the salary increase, but that motion failed to get a second.

After the motion died for lack of second, Public Works Director Albert Guajardo asked the council to exclude department directors from the raise, and to authorize a $.25 per hour raise for all other city employees.

"Don't hurt their chances because you don't want to give us a raise," Guajardo said.

City Secretary Cynthia Contreras and Chief of Police Larry Lawrence, the only other department heads for the city, echoed those comments to the council.

Several council members indicated they would be in favor of such a proposal, and requested the item be brought up again at the council's next meeting, scheduled for Feb. 24.

City officials said Tuesday the estimated cost of issuing the salary increase to all city employees except department heads is $13,464, a difference of $1,836 from the proposal initially rejected by the council.

The council also addressed an item on the Jan. 27 agenda that proposed a salary increase for council members, but that proposal was rejected by a consensus of the council.