A benefit account has been set up at Navy Army Federal Credit Union for three Annaville girls injured in a June 22 auto accident in Northwest Corpus Christi.

The three girls, ages 7, 9, and 10, were ejected from the vehicle during the 1 a.m. rollover at Leopard Street and Rand Morgan Road.

Jaime Dean, owner of Just for Kix, said the family is in need of financial help from others in the Northwest business community.

Nine-year-old Norma Ramos was seriously injured with head trauma. Her diagnosis was initially very unhopeful, but she was released Friday from Driscoll Children's Hospital and her family is hoping for a full recovery in the next several months.

Ten-year-old Valerie Ramos suffered a broken collarbone and broken tailbone and was hospitalized at Driscoll Children's Hospital. She was released last week.

Seven-year-old Iris Ramos suffered a fractured cheekbone and bruising of the face. She was also released last week from Driscoll Children's Hospital.

Their mother, Lori Ramos, was charged and arrested in connection to the accident.

The girls are also nieces of Laura Salazar, a Corpus Christi Independent School District teacher and the owner of Authentic Learning Academy, who has temporary custody of the girls.

Dean said the fund was established to help Salazar with living expenses for the girls and that none of the funds would go to the injured girls' mother.

The benefit account for the Ramos girls at the Navy Army Federal Credit Union is listed under Laura Ann Salazar.

For more information, call Dean at 726-8889.