In preparation for spring, the Northwest Business Association is sponsoring a fundraiser that they hope will help make participating communities much more attractive.

"It will help beautify the community," NWBA Fundraising Chairperson Randa Harvey said.

The fundraiser, called Sowing Seeds for Our Community, is an effort to spread wildflower seeds around the area between now and February.

"Now is the time to throw the seeds out," Harvey said. "Between January and March is when the seeds will bloom."

Harvey said the idea for the fundraiser came from fellow NWBA member Becky Taylor who had been trying to get the program started for a long time.

"It will help attract more people to the Robstown area," Taylor said.

In the program, the NWBA sells packages of wildflower seeds to local business, allowing them to place their logo on the packaging for advertising purposes.

"It's a benefit to local small businesses," Harvey said. "It's a good advertising product."

Pricing starts at $1 per package with a larger package that contains three times the seeds available for $3 each.

The seed packages contain a mix of various wildflowers including Texas Bluebonnets, Baby's Breath and Cornflower, and will cover an area between 10 to 20 square feet in size. Harvey said that one of the best things about the program is the ease it is to plant the seeds.

"You just have to throw them out there," Harvey said. "You can even throw them out the window of your car as you drive by."

The NWBA is working with the special needs children at local area high schools to package the seeds, which provides the students with job training. So far, Tuloso-Midway High School has been has been the only school participating in the program, but Harvey said that the NWBA is looking for other schools to join as well.

Harvey said that money raised in the fundraiser would go towards scholarships for local high school graduates.

Anyone interesting in the program should contact Randa Harvey at (361) 765-6983 or Becky Taylor at (361) 537-1908.