A former Robstown High School educator is seeking to reclaim a seat on the Robstown Independent School District's Board of Trustees.

Oscar Lopez, a 1963 graduate of Robstown High School and Vietnam War veteran, had previously served 15 years on the school board before being defeated in 2007 by current board member Eva Orona.

He said he decided to run again to take care of "unfinished business."

"I'm pro-education…and we haven't had schools that have been 'Recognized' or schools that are 'Exemplary,'" Lopez said. "As an educator, I'd like to see us get to that because I love these kids."

If elected, Lopez said he hopes to help teachers in the district get pay raises, as well as rehire many of the employees fired last year by the district as a cost-cutting measure. He said he would also like to see more of an effort made to help students who are at-risk, such as those who come from low-income families.

He hopes that his experience can help bring unity to the school board, which he said is the most pressing need the district has right now.

"You're never going to agree 100 percent on everything, because everyone has their own opinion," he said.

And even though the task may seem difficult, Lopez said his past time on the board will ensure that he is up to the challenge of brining about an atmosphere of change.

"I just want to be optimistic and not be a dividing force," Lopez said. "I want the board to try and work together as a unit."