Nineteen area students have qualified for induction into the 2007-08 National Honor Roll.

The National Honor Roll recognizes high-achieving high school and middle school students.

"Young people such as our inductees, who work hard to attain academic success, deserve to be congratulated," said National Honor Roll publisher Lynn Romeo. "Honoring their achievements provides motivation and encourages them to continue striving toward their goals. We're proud to include them in the National Honor Roll."

The National Honor Roll offers several benefits that can contribute to the success of its student members. For students recognized for the 2007-08 school year, National Honor Roll set aside $25,000 to be shared among 25 of its inductees. All members are entitled to compete for these National Honor Roll Awards for Academic Achievement, which will be awarded in December.

National Honor Roll's College Admissions Notification Service notifies the admissions offices of as many schools as the inductees designate that they have been accepted into the National Honor Roll and that they are interested in obtaining information about those colleges. A copy of the student's biography is sent to the colleges along with the notification.

Each U.S. senator and state governor receives a complimentary copy of the National Honor Roll Commemorative Edition, along with a list of the students from their states who have been inducted into the National Honor Roll.

Only students with a "B" or better grade point average are eligible to be inducted into the National Honor Roll.

Sixty-nine percent of the 2007-08 inductees averaged an "A-" or better.

Twenty-six percent were seniors, 29 percent were juniors, 24 percent were sophomores and 16 percent were freshmen.

Sixty-percent of the inductees participate in sports, 23 percent are employed, and 26 percent participate in school government.

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The following local students have qualified for induction into the 2007-08 National Honor Roll:

Ali McKervey and Grant C. Michalk of Bishop High School. Taylor Garrison, Katherine L. Orozco and Kasandra Villarreal of Calallen High School. Samantha M. Alonzo, Charlene M. Garcia, Julio C. Arriaga Macias and Martha Ordonez of Robstown High School. Allan Amerine, Kelsi Curren, David C. Hill Jr., Kacie L. Ide, Zackry Lange, Danielle Ocker, Lauren Schwirtlich, Michael A. C. Villarreal, Ryan P. Wilcox and Brianna N. Williams of Tuloso-Midway High School.