Architect or HVAC?

During a Robstown school board meeting last month, a few school board members felt the need to remind one school board member that he's a heating and air conditioning man by trade, and not an architect.

Architect Raymond Gignac of Corpus Christi was discussing the costs of building a new elementary school when board member Roberto Tapia questioned Gignac's cost estimates.

Tapia also said Gignac's proposal was not state-of-the-art as Gignac suggested.

"I want you to take a look at this because you're going to have a (expletive) job," Tapia said.

Board member Victor Orona pointed out that Gignac is the school district's architect, while Tapia is the owner of Icy A/C & Heating of Robstown.

"You're not an architect, you're an AC man," added board member Jerry Gonzalez.

"Off the Wall" is compiled from various public meetings from around Nueces County. Managing Editor Jeff Tucker contributed to this report.