A Robstown man caused thousands of dollars worth of property damage after the accelerator to his vehicle got stuck.

Officer Edward Day of the Robstown Police Department said Raul Gonzalez, 62, had gotten into his car the morning of Dec. 31, which was parked at the H-E-B on Main Avenue, and turned it on. Police said witnesses heard the man's tires screech loudly after he started his vehicle, a 1992 Cadillac four-door, and put the car in reverse.

Gonzalez allegedly hit a sport utility vehicle parked behind him when he backed up, then put the car into drive. He then reportedly drove on the sidewalk in front of the H-E-B parking area and collided with a shopping cart retrieval area before turning eastbound.

Day said Gonzalez then hit a cast iron lamppost with the passenger side of his vehicle before colliding with a Ford Explorer, which was parked in front of a business next to the H-E-B parking lot, and coming to rest.

No injuries were reported, from either the driver or bystanders, which police said is a miracle considering how busy grocery store parking lots usually are.

"Somebody could have been killed real easily," said police chief Johnny Brown, adding that it appeared that Gonzalez's accelerator became stuck.

Police vehicles temporarily blocked off a portion of Main Avenue while Robstown Utility Systems workers assessed the damage to the lamppost and a wrecker cleaned up the debris from the accident, including Gonzalez's vehicle.

Day said property damage was estimated between $5,000 and $10,000. Gonzalez was ticketed for unsafe backing and failure to control speed. A municipal court judge will assess a traffic fine, Day said.