A 23-year old Robstown man was arrested last week after he reportedly admitted to possessing drugs during a routine traffic stop.

According to Robstown Police Department reports, a patrol officer initiated a traffic stop on a 1993 Green Chevrolet pickup truck as it exited the parking lot of a hotel on Highway 77 shortly before midnight March 24.

The traffic stop was initiated because the driver, identified as Jesus Christopher Cantu, 23, of Robstown, was not wearing a seat belt. During a conversation with the officer, Cantu was unable to provide a license and proof of insurance. He reportedly also appeared nervous and told the officer he was at the hotel to visit a friend, but could not remember the friend's name or room number.

Cantu was placed under arrest for driving without a license or proof of insurance, and officers began an impound process on his vehicle, which included conducting an inventory of the vehicle's contents. During that inventory, officers discovered a room key for the hotel from which Cantu was leaving. When asked about the key, Cantu reportedly admitted that he had been staying in the hotel and that there were illegal drugs in the room.

Officers obtained permission to search the hotel room and discovered a small plastic bag containing 4.7 grams of crack cocaine. They also discovered a digital scale and a box of plastic bags, according to the report.

Cantu was charged with the manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance, a first-degree felony, and was transported to the Nueces County jail. He remained in the jail Friday on $35,000 bond.