A Corpus Christi doctor was ordered to undergo additional training last week, after she allegedly violated procedures outline by the Texas Medical Board.

According to information provided by the TMB, on February 6, 2009, the board and Dr. Daniela Badea-Mic entered into an agreed order requiring that Dr. Badea-Mic obtain eight hours of continuing medical education in medical record-keeping and eight hours of CME in diagnosing psychiatric disorders. The action was reportedly based on Dr. Badea-Mic's failure to properly document diagnoses and her medical reasoning for the drugs and dosages she prescribed for three psychiatric patients.

Dr. Badea-Mic was one of 33 physicians against whom the Texas Medical Board took action in its February 5 and 6 meeting.

The actions included 11 violations based on quality of care; seven actions based on unprofessional conduct; one mediated agreed order modifying a prior order; three actions based on other states' actions; four actions based on inadequate medical records violations; two actions based on impairment due to alcohol or drugs or mental/physical condition; one advertising violation; and four voluntary surrenders. The board also accepted the voluntary surrender of one surgical assistant's license.