An incumbent on the Robstown City Council said with multiple projects still pending for the city, now is not the time to bring in a new face to the council.

Mandy Vasquez was elected to her first full two-year term in 2005 after being appointed to finish out then-councilman Abel Herrero's unexpired term in 2003 when he decided to run for District 34 state representative. She is seeking her third term.

Vasquez holds an associates degree from Del Mar College in business administration, as well as a bachelor's degree from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi in the same field. Now in her fourth year as a teacher at Robstown High School, she is also working on her master's degree in education at TAMUCC.

The incumbent said right now, the city has many projects in the works, including a proposed multi-million dollar outlet mall and controlled humidity storage facility. But one of the most important goals she has is to create more affordable housing for residents in need, she added.

With so many projects in the works, Vasquez said it would be a step backwards, and potentially detrimental, for the city to bring in someone who is not familiar with the process.

"I have worked with other councils and different boards that I've worked on," Vasquez said. "It's a lot easier for someone who's served than a newcomer who needs to be brought up to speed on what we're doing."

If reelected, Vasquez said she would work to address various issues that are on her list of priorities, including keeping 18-wheelers off of the streets the city is paying millions to renovate and repair.

In addition, she would like the council to take a closer look at the flooding situation around the city, particularly in front of Robstown High School.

Most of all, the incumbent said, she just wants the opportunity to help the council finish the plan it began years ago to move Robstown forward.

"I would like to seek reelection to see the projects we do have in the making finished," Vasquez said.