Trustees for the Tuloso-Midway Independent School District awarded three separate contracts for various renovation projects at the middle and high schools Monday night.

Six general contractors bid on two different proposals for the addition of a science complex at the high school and various renovations within the building, including upgrading the school's fire alarm systems in order to meet code standards.

A third proposal would combine the science complex and renovations into one project, but Todd Brendalen of Lamar Womack & Associates LP made a recommendation to approve separate contracts for the work.

According to tabulations of the proposals submitted by the contractors, only four companies bid on Proposal Item 3, which would have combined the projects at the high school. Of those companies, Ewing Construction Co. scored highest with about 622 points and offered a bid of $6,587,000 for the proposal.

However, for Proposal Item 1, which was for the high school's science complex addition, Barcom Commercial Inc. scored highest with about 624 points. The company also submitted the lowest bid of the five contractors that bid on the proposal at $4,420,000.

For Proposal Item 2, which was for the high school renovations, Construction Project Management had the top score with about 613 points. The contractor submitted a bid of $2,045,000, second lowest of the five companies that were also seeking the project.

Going along with the engineer's recommendation, the school board approved awarding separate contracts, which saved the school district about $122,000 in construction costs. School officials said because of the scope of the work to be done, it was essential to do so with little cost as possible to taxpayers.

"We know this is going to be a complex project because of all the things going on," said Superintendent Cornelio Gonzalez.

Also approved at Monday's meeting was the selection of Ewing Construction Co. Inc. for the renovation of tennis courts at the middle and high schools. Ewing Construction scored the maximum 510 points for its proposal and submitted a bid of $2,155,000.

Trustees also approved a call for proposals for renovations and additions at the middle school. Those include expanding the school's cafeteria, adding new science labs and other classrooms, among other things.

School officials said negotiations will be on the fast track and all of the contracts should be worked out and signed by late April, with construction set to begin 10 days after. All projects are tentatively scheduled for completion in eight months.

"The time of construction is critical because the longer it takes, the worse it's going to get," Gonzalez said.