On April 2, Robstown ATPE delegates visited with state representatives Abel Herero and Solomon Ortiz Jr. in Austin.

The officers: Armando Castro (Robstown ATPE President), Karen Anderson (Robstown ATPE Vice-President), Hortencia Castro (Robstown ATPE Treasurer), Thelma Jaquez (Robstown ATPE Secretary), Ruben Sanchez (Robstown ATPE Scholarship Chairman), and Letica Ruiz (Robstown ATPE Paraprofessional Representative), were in Austin for the 29th Annual ATPE (Association of Texas Professional Educators) Convention.

During their visit with the state representatives they had the opportunity to discuss legislation pertaining to educational issues.

The main topics discussed were salary increases for educators, TRS investments, creating equality among grant incentives, and the various ways stimulus funds will be distributed.