Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush has announced a new hurricane preparedness and planning outreach initiative on the General Land Office (GLO) website. This effort is aimed at pooling local, state and federal resources to prioritize storm response along the Texas coast.

"With 367 miles of Gulf beaches and more than 3,300 miles of bays and estuaries, Texas has one of the longest coastlines in the country, " Commissioner Bush said. "By working together as a region - combining and coordinating local, state and federal resources, we will directly address ongoing threats to the Texas coast for future generations."

The new outreach website, on TXGLO.com, contains links to information about coastal studies that will be presented to the Texas Legislature. These studies will be help the Legislature address issues that may be hindering a coordinated response to a hurricane event. As we saw with recent storms in Kleberg County, local, state and federal resources need to be utilized together to get maximum benefit. These reports are being conducted by the GLO and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. They are expected to be complete in December of this year.

Hurricane season in Texas began on June 1st and continues through November. Some have warned that 2016 could produce more storms than in recent years due to the transition from El Niño to La Niña weather patterns.