Letter to Editor:

My Father, Enrique Joslin worked with a good man, Ernesto L. Garcia , for many years at H.S. Shanks and Son Pipeline, which provided employment in Alice, Texas for men with good morals, great work ethics, and not much else.

They were the "Salt of the Earth" individuals that wanted nothing more than a better life for their kids.

Fast forward several years or so.

Ofelia Garcia Hunter and I are in Alice, Texas trying to pay it forward. She's reporting the news like she receives it; I am at City Hall trying to stay out of it. The City of Alice is in desperate times.

Enrique Joslin and Minerva "Machie" Joslin are my parents. The Range Drive Inn and Rancho Alegre areas are where my roots became solid! I am a product of Joslin, Cardenas, Castillo, Torres; among others like Garcia, Flores, Sanchez, Cortez, Martinez, Garza, Mazur, Welch, Ortiz, Canales, Olvera, Rodriguez, Ornelas, Burke, Escobar, Esparza, and Beltran.

"Lack of due diligence" is authored by Mr. Gonzalo Chapa. I read it, I processed it, I disagree with it.

I respond to it: Arm chair quarterbacks are a dime a dozen. With all due respect Mr. Gonzalo Chapa; words are dangerous to the weak. I am not one of them. My sole purpose is to help my people; your people - White, brown or black. I'm related to them ALL. 

This Mayor, City Council, and Staff are doing the best that they can given the hand that they were dealt. Numbers, percentages, or accusations can be easily be stated, after the fact. My question is, "Where have you been?"

I've been gone for 20-plus years and begged (1) more plus; for an opportunity to HELP. Thanks to many, I was offered an opportunity to jump into the Fire and my better half and I did. She is a strong support group; if you haven't been able to tell by now.

Now we're here. I take a job for 28 percent less salary than the guy before me (You choose to ignore that). I implemented a 10 percent cut to good people's salary (Non-Civil Service) to offset a $7-plus million short fall in our General Fund (Civil Service requires more negotiations because of Contractual Agreements).

I can go on and on with the negative, but I choose not too. The City of Alice is Great because of the people that choose to live here - like us. We provide the service that no one else can during times that no one else would want to or would choose too.

The moral of this story is, "Be part of the solution; or part of the problem. 

The Office of the Interim City Manger, City Manager, and ultimately the people is always open. You Sir, are welcomed in my office, "All Day, Every Day!"


Andy Joslin 

Interim City Manager 

The Great City of Alice