The state of Texas has always supported our veterans for their military service. After the Texas Revolution, veterans were given land by the state for their service.

This practice was formally recognized with the creation of the Texas Veterans Land Board in 1946. The Texas Veterans Land Board was formed to administer benefits that are exclusive to Texas Veterans and continues to provide the strongest veterans benefits package in the country.

According to the Texas Legislative Council, the state of Texas is home to 1.5 million military veterans. Fifteen percent of our veterans are currently considered disabled. In addition, another 15 percent of our veterans live under the poverty line. 

Since 1946, more than 200,000 Texas Veterans Land Board loans have been funded for our veterans. The Veterans Land Board oversees programs for housing assistance, home improvement and veterans cemeteries.

These programs are in place to improve the quality of life for our veterans after their service. The Veterans Land Board will continue to work towards bringing the percentage of Texas veterans in poverty down and enhancing the quality of life for disabled veterans.

It's a great honor to know our State House District has over 11,000 military veterans and about 600 active duty military personnel. 

Our constituency is made up of many military veteran families that have proudly served our country. I want to sincerely thank all the men and women for their sacrifice to our country. It brings me great pride to serve these individuals and I will continue to work hard to ensure their benefits.