After the 84th Texas Legislative Session concluded in 2015, the Speaker of the House formed the House Select Committee on Emerging Issues in Texas Law Enforcement. This Select Committee was formed to study law enforcement issues during the time between regular legislative sessions. The committee has been researching body camera policies and the best way to implement those cameras. They also reviewed methods of law enforcement training and studied the impact of emerging technologies. The committee members will use this information in order to make recommendations for legislation for the 85th Texas Legislative Session.

The recommendations made by the Select Committee will be particularly important with several police incidents receiving a considerable amount of national attention. With all this focus on police officers, it is important to note, law enforcement agencies in Texas have contributed to the national decrease in crime. According to the US Department of Justice, violent crime in the United States has decreased by over 16 percent from 2006-2015. Our local police departments are the foundation of that downward trend. Individuals like Detective Richard Deleon, of Alice, Texas, are the backbone of our local law enforcement. His active role in supporting local youth and high school athletics has made him a cornerstone in the community. Detective Deleon has protected and served his community for over 34 years as a member of the Alice Police Department.

Texas lawmakers are working hard to research issues and suggest solutions dealing with law enforcement. Our local communities can work with our police officers to form better relationships and contribute to a solution for emerging issues with law enforcement.