These are desperate days! There is turmoil all over the world and unrest in every nation—politically, morally, and especially spiritually. There has never been a more desperate time for a generation to cry out to God—for a generation to seek Him! The Bible says God hears the cries for His people. His heart longs for His children to come humbly before Him, seeking Him with all their hearts.

Tradition tells us from Psalms 24:3-6 were sung on the first day of each week in the Temple services. They are profound words challenging us to be honest, pure, broken, and seeking only the face of God.

See You At the Pole started years ago with a handful of students burdened, crying out, seeking Him, for their campus and community. Who would have imagined that single moment would spread into a grass roots movement across the globe? Still today, decades later, SYATP brings a generation together, all- over the world, for a simple call to PRAYER!

See You at the Pole is a desperate plea to God to come in power to begin an awakening, A REVIVAL, beyond what any of us have ever experienced.

On Sept. 28 I had the privilege of joining our students at William Adams Junior High School and Alice High School praying for the school administration, teachers, fellow students, our community and community leaders, our nation, and the world in which we live. Alice, you have a reason to be proud of your students. You ought to give praise to God for those who were not afraid to lift up their faith in God and Jesus Christ before their teachers, administrators, and fellow students. Thank you to all of the students who allowed me to join you in prayer. May God bless each and everyone of you and your parents, teachers, and faculty for the support you give to our students.