After one week of early voting, counties across the state are reporting record-breaking voter turnout. Presidential elections have historically attracted more voters but the current early voting numbers are beating voter turnout numbers from 2008 and 2012. This general election is also the first time Texans will go to the polls since the federal courts amended Texas voter ID laws.

The first day of early voting in Nueces County saw a record 5,845 voters cast their ballots. The number of first day early voters beat first day voter turnout in the 2008 and 2012 general elections. Nueces County has a record 199,051 voters registered to cast their ballot. The trend of record-breaking voter turnout is being observed throughout the state. Compared to the first day of early voting numbers in the 2012 general election, some counties are seeing twice as many votes cast. The 10 counties in the state with the largest voting age population have all seen record-breaking voter turnout.

Voter ID laws have changed since primary and run-off elections earlier this year. In August, a federal judge ordered a temporary revision of Texas voter ID laws. Voters are required to show a photo ID at the polls. If a voter cannot reasonably obtain a photo ID then the voter must sign a form swearing there is reasonable impediment to obtaining a photo ID and present an alternate form of ID.

For further information and a complete list of acceptable forms of identification at voting polls, visit or call the Texas Secretary of State at 800-252-VOTE (8683).