The 2016 General Election came to a conclusion last Tuesday. Just under 9 million Texans voted in this election and about 800,000 more Texans voted in this election compared to the 2012 election. After record-breaking early voter turnout, Texans went to the polls to vote for local, state and national leaders on Election Day.

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump defeated Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and become the President-elect of the United States of America. Donald Trump also won the State of Texas with 4.6 million votes and received all 38 electoral votes.

At the state level, all three Texas Supreme Court Justices that were up for reelection won their respective race. Three places on the Court of Criminal Appeals were also up for election last week. One incumbent won their reelection and the other two elections were won by non-incumbents. Wayne Christian won the election for Railroad Commissioner and he will be replacing retired Commissioner David Porter.

In the Texas House of Representatives, four incumbent Republicans lost their attempts at reelection. The Texas House currently has 99 Republicans, 50 Democrats and one Independent. The Texas Senate will see some new Senators but the partisan demographics will remain the same. Twenty Republicans and 11 Democrats will make up the Texas Senate during the Legislature.

As we move forward with newly elected leaders, I look forward to representing our constituents for the upcoming State Legislative Session. Thank you to everyone who ran for office, volunteered, or more importantly, got out there to vote!