Letter to Editor:

On November 16, 2016, a group of “Well-Meaning” Concerned Taxpayers appeared before the Alice City Council complaining that their Tax Rate Increased by 25 percent. I sincerely commend each one of those Concerned Taxpayers for appearing and expressing their concerns. However, they DID NOT have all of the facts straight (the Alice City Tax Rate actually INCREASED by 96 percent not 25 percent)!

See below for the TRUE FACTS on your Tax Rate Increases:

The City of Alice, almost DOUBLING your Tax Rate (.27 current Tax Rate to .53 new rate or an INCREASE of .26 (96 percent), and Jim Wells County INCREASED your Tax Rate by .23 (.78 new rate LESS .55 current Tax Rate EQUALS .23 increase or 42 percent). This is on top of the County INCREASING your Tax Rate by 20 percent in the prior 2 years resulting in a 62 percent Tax Rate INCREASE in ONLY 3 years.

NONE of our four County Commissioners have shared in the PAIN that Jim Wells County Taxpayers are experiencing, with our tremendous County Tax Rate INCREASES. They are still making 95 percent of the same salary: JWC Salary for each of the 4 Commissioners is almost $70,000/year (plus many Benefits), compared to Kleberg County Salary for each of the 4 Commissioners of about $45,000/year. What makes our Commissioners worth more than Kleberg County Commissioners?

The Alice City Council could NOT be expected to lower their Salary because their Salary is already at $ZERO (they all serve without any pay)!

Our County Judge is still making over $100,000/year compared to Kleberg County Judge’s Salary of about $65,000. Again, what makes our County Judges worth more than the Kleberg County Judge? FYI, Jim Wells County Judge’s Salary is more than Nueces County Judge!

The City of Alice and Jim Wells County were both warned (well over a year ago) to “MAKE CUTS” but neither the City nor the County paid any attention. NOW, we TAXPAYERS ARE HAVING TO PAY FOR THEIR IN-ACTION (lack of CUTS)!

May God Help the Taxpayers that have not moved out of Jim Wells County, YET.

Newell W. Atkinson III (a Very Concerned Taxpayer) 

Alice, Texas