As Alice moves onward with another year, it is prudent to look at some of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. It's not so much about having an immediate specific plan in place as it is about having a direction or vision in mind, or at least recognizing that the issue must be strategically addressed with a process in plan to initiate action.

Water related projects will remain at the top of the list as future development depends on having an adequate and reliable supply for demand. An aging processing and distribution system is going to require gradual updating to maintain quality and dependable sufficiency besides cost efficiency for customers. 

Other infrastructure needs such as streets and sewers are priority issues that must receive attention to assure that maintenance and improvements can be a continual.

Both city and county must identify areas of commerce and industry that can connect us into the growth and expansion of the Port of Corpus Christi and the new planned refinery in Duval. The available sites here should be nationally advertised for prospects in storage, distribution and assembly and similar operations. 

Downtown business can benefit from even general undertakings to increase lighting and overall efforts to bring together merchants and property owners to discuss issues ranging from promotional marketing to building up keep.

Comprehensive planning is a gradual ongoing process. But there must be a committed aggressive and steady focus to develop effective and productive proposals and recommendations that also includes public input. All sectors must contribute and have a voice in forward initiatives and directions for our community.