Letter to Editor:

REAL CLEAR JWC response to a Letter to the Editor (1-9-17) in the Alice Echo-News Journal signed by 6 “MUC SUPPORTERS” 

Let’s look at the Truth (according to City of Alice own Accounting Dept.): From May-October 2016 the MUC received ONLY $144,179 in Total Operating Income and had $306,555 in Operating Expenses.

Therefore, the Operating Loss was <$162,379> (for the first 6 months of Operation or $27,062/month). The $162,379 Operating Loss DID NOT INCLUDE an estimated additional $60,000 (about $10,000/month) in other Operating Expenses (which the City DID NOT INCLUDE) which would increase the Total Operating Expense to $366,555 and the LOSS to <$222,376> or $37,062/month.

Granted the Swim Team did a great job obtaining $100,000 in Donations/Advertisement plus “Hustling” $54,000 in Donations from the Hotel Tax Fund, bringing the total to $154,000 in Donations/Advertisement. 

According to City Accounting, the Donations/Advertisement of $154,000 reduced May-October 2016 LOSS to $8,376 ($162,379 Cash LOSS less $154,000 Donations/Advertisement= <$8,376>). Notice the “Natatorium Committee’s figures” DID NOT include October’s <$43,153> (1month LOSS).

RealClear estimates that the Donations/Advertisement of $154,000 ONLY reduced May-October 2016 LOSS to $68,376 ($222,376 LOSS less $154,000 Donations/Advertisement= <$68,376>). 

BOTTOM LINE: The “Committee” must have got their figures from a “MUC DREAM” when they stated: “The facility DIDN’T have a LOSS.” NOW, after using up all ANNUAL Memberships and $154,000 Donations/Advertisement (mostly Annual) and NO MORE Annual Memberships nor Donations/Advertisement are being collected, MUC LOSS WILL SKYROCKET (if the MUC is ever opened, again)!

DRAIN THE SWAMP. RealClear would much prefer that Committee and/or the Swim Team would raise an additional $30,000-$40,000/month in Donations in order to keep the MUC OPEN (without Draining Alice Taxpayers)!

Hopefully, “Someday” the City will provide us “UP-DATED” financial figures so RealClear can report current MUC LOSES to the Public/Taxpayers. So far the City has failed to provide us any MUC accounting since October 31, 2016!

Sincerely, Newell W. Atkinson III (a Very Concerned Taxpayer)

Alice, Texas