Alice Independent School District will be undertaking selection of a new athletic director to lead its developing programs. Method of naming the athletic leader will be a significant influence on the overall effectiveness the choice will achieve. With whatever process is determined, the ultimate impact must be to have leadership that represents opportunities for best successes.

There are some established and recognized attributes that offer such pathways to the most positive outcomes.These particular qualities increase the likelihood of achieving highest expectations.

Vision. The athletic director must have a solid sense of where all programs need to go and a plan to take them there. A course of direction must be decided and articulated to all stakeholders. 

Integrity. The athletic director must be willing to enforce unpopular policies and hold all personnel accountable whether coaches or players. Performance standards must be fairly maintained and followed. 

Visibility. The athletic director must have strong presence and accessibility in the school and general community. There must be a connection with all athletes, parents, boosters, business and other community groups. A willingness is needed to be supportive of all sports activities and events.

Communication. The athletic director must not just be a capable manager of duties, but also a good delegator of responsibilities, and a motivator who provides efficient feedback to others. This administrator must be able to set ambitious priorities and bring athletic accomplishment to the campuses and districts. Diverse viewpoints should be respected and listened to, but effective management requires strong final decision making skills.

AISD is at a pivotal point in several areas of administrative leadership. Our community is watching and looks forward to coming choices.