Earlier this month, Governor Greg Abbot used his constitutional authority and called for a special session. In Texas, the Governor may call a special session to respond to any particular issues or crisis. Each special session may last no more than thirty days and must focus on agenda items specifically outlined by the Governor. The special session will begin July 18 and the Governor has given us a 20-item agenda to work on.

Before we can begin work on the agenda, the Governor will require that we pass one specific item first. The Legislature will be required to pass ‘Sunset’ legislation before any other item on the special session agenda is considered. This ‘Sunset’ legislation needs to pass in order to prevent several crucial state agencies from closing their doors. One agency that falls under the ‘Sunset’ legislation is the Texas Medical Board. It’s critical that the Legislature work together to pass this bill. 

Some of the other agenda items that the Governor listed are as follows: school finance reform, property tax reform, teacher pay raises, municipal annexation reform, cracking down on mail-in ballot fraud, and texting-while-driving bans. We made progress on many of these agenda items during the regular session but ultimately could not get these pieces of legislation to the Governor’s desk.

I’m looking forward to resuming the work we did this past session and giving some of these bills the chance to become law. It is a privilege to go back to Austin to serve you during this special session.