July 23, 2017

To the citizens of Alice,

Along with many others, I am concerned about the transactions of our City Council. I feel that our Council is in violation of the City Charter concerning the Recall election. In Section 36A of the City Charter it states that the election can be held in conjunction with a General Election. That will be November 7th. But it goes on the say that, “it shall not be less than 10 days nor more than 90 days after presentation of the petitions to the City Council.” Well, 90 days before the General Election is August 9th! That is more than the 90 days that is required by the City Charter. 

My question is why is this negligence by the Council being allowed? Why is the City Charter not being adhered to? Only the citizens of Alice have the right to change the City Charter, not the City Council. 

Friends, Alice has been a wonderful place to live, raise our children, and work. Yes, there have been some bad things happen to our city. But, we should be and can work together to make this city a proud and prosperous place again! Alice is not “my” town or “your” town. It is OUR town. We have a responsibility to join together and live in harmony and peace with each other.

We must unite and make our city a model of renewal and restoration. This can happen as we return to God and pray. He will be our guide and protector.


Sheryl A. Wallgren

Alice, Texas