Harvey is a name that will bring bad feelings to many for a long time. The effects that Hurricane Harvey has had on this area has been crushing, uplifting and then crushing again. To say I have been on a roller coaster of emotions is an understatement. While the devastation has shaken me to my core, the love that I have witnessed in the community and from outside the community goes beyond anything that I have seen in my lifetime. That is truly the BEST of what came from this horrible storm. Texans and Americans are at their BEST during a tragedy. Most of us in Nueces County were extremely lucky to avoid the full effects of the bullet known as Hurricane Harvey. Port Aransas along with most of the Texas South Coast was not so lucky.

As your County Commissioner I represent Port A and a very small portion of Aransas Pass. I have a business in Port A and I own property in Port A. Port Aransas and its recovery has consumed me on many fronts. It has hurt so many. Now I cannot begin to relate to those who have lost their homes and everything in it. I will continue to hurt for those people. Watching the attempt for a comeback has been moving. #PortAStrong is real and will prevail!

While I believe with all my heart that Port A, Aransas Pass and all of Nueces County will comeback, there is also a knowledge that a part of Port A will never be replaced. Things that were destroyed that can be rebuilt still will not quite be the same. Things that cannot be rebuilt are truly lost forever. Part of Port A's charm is what blew away. But Port Aransas's strength is its unique character and its people. Their spirit while dampened is not extinguished.

Here is what I ask. Please do not forget Port A now or in the months ahead. That goes for Aransas Pass, Rockport and all the areas most affected by Harvey. Please continue to pray for those affected and please keep volunteering, keep donating money and keep telling your friends to do the same. I know you like I, look forward to more businesses opening in Port Aransas and anywhere that businesses have closed because of Harvey so that we can flock there and show our love with our pocket books as well as our prayers and efforts. Businesses have opened in Port A so please support those businesses and any businesses affected by Harvey. It will be easier for us to move on as we get back to our “normal’ lives than those hit directly.

In Port A, I am not sure what the new “normal” is but there will a day soon where hopefully the "debris mountain" is a little smaller and “normal” can be defined. 

As for us not pounded as hard by Harvey, let’s all thank God and count our lucky stars and pray hard that we do not see the likes of that crummy old Harvey again in our lifetimes. We have all been affected by Harvey. It has been tough. Harvey has brought out the BEST and the WORST but the best will prevail and together we are #TexasStrong. Together we can get through it.