Hurricane Season is nearly here and experts are predicting an active year for storm activity. In fact, the nation's top forecasters are predicting 14 named storms, including seven hurricanes, three of which may be major. Disaster preparedness experts suggest a number of steps to get ready, including making a family preparedness kit.

You will want to have enough food, water and medicine for 72 hours. It may take disaster responders a while to reach you, so be sure to have enough for everyone in your group. Experts recommend one gallon of water per person per day, and foods that won't go bad, like canned or prepackaged items. Your kit should also contain copies of important family documents, like ID cards and insurance policies in a waterproof container. Other recommended items include flashlight with batteries, can opener, and first aid kit. You also may want to consider a solar charger or other method to keep your cell phone working.

In the event of a storm, entities such as your city, county and state government will provide assistance in conjunction with federal agencies like FEMA. Earlier this year, State Emergency Management and Texas Department of Public Safety held an activation exercise to make sure state emergency personnel and resources can be mobilized efficiently and effectively, if needed. The first step, though, begins with individual preparedness. For more information, visit