Editorial Column

My thoughts on the pandemic:

I have given much thought about this column, and how to approach my message on the subject of the global pandemic. Before I dive into my opinion, I would like to say I have deep empathy and sorrow for the people that have become ill with the virus, the ones that have lost their lives and all the loved ones endurance of grief that has and will follow. I also have compassion for the individuals losing livelihoods and all the stress that consumes. I think many Americans are officially bored with the pandemic and are ready to move on, like swiping their finger to the next page on their Facebook app, and unfortunately ignoring the reality of this global pandemic, might not be -so easy.

On the other side of the coin, I would hope most people could speculate something sooner or later would break. We live in a society that could be nicer to mother earth, but we continue to abuse her. We live in a society where we could be nicer to one another, but we are not. We go-go-go and never take real considerable time off. The values for the human experience have some how shifted and my hopes is that the pandemic might re-align some of our misguided ways.

I like the language New York Governor Andrew Cuomo uses when speaking about his State. He uses the word re-imagine instead of the word re-opening for the economy.

My opinion and hopes is society has a phoenix ’rise from ashes’ type moment and we shift. Can we be nicer to the planet? Can we use technology to simplify our work-life and create a better balance for personal and family life? Can we realize that our actions effect others and start being more mindful and kinder? Can we slow down and look at each other instead of screens? Can the economy and job market be more fair on who gets the jobs with equality in pay and benefits? Can we start listening more and judging less? Can We the People become more involved and start choosing better leaders?

I believe every chaos cycle has a rebirth, and I have high hopes and choose to re-imagine that human beings and society will have no choice, but to be re-born after the pandemic, much like the folklore tale of the phoenix that rises from the ashes.