Here’s My Top 10; my weekly contribution to sports and everyday life around me. It’s basically what’s on my mind going into the weekend.

1. Dallas Cowboys: NFL football games don’t get much bigger than this match-up — Dallas vs. Green Bay. It’s the youthfulness of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott vs. the the craftiness of the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers. By far, unless I win the lottery, this is the highlight of my weekend. By the way, Dez caught that ball when they played in 2014.

2. Hot-Wing Casserole: Big football weekends at my house are celebrated with great food. Yeah, regardless of who wins, rest assured that I’m always a winner. This week’s pregame meal is my very own Hot Wing Casserole. It’s best described as a combination of homemade hot-wings and an oven roast complete with corn, sausage and potatoes.

3. Houston Texans: I’ve never been an over-the-top Texans fan, but I’m coming around, mostly because I believe Tony Romo will end up there next season. Pass it on, especially to all of the Romo haters. If he ends up as the QB in Houston, the Texans will win the Super Bowl in 2018. The line for this weekend’s game between Houston and New England is the Patriots -16. If I were burning through my savings this weekend, I’d take the Texans and the points. I don’t care who you are, in the NFL 16 points is a lot of points.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers: I’m not much a Steelers’ fanatic either, but I am a fan of great football and right now the men wearing black and yellow are playing the best ball in my book. Everyone’s expecting the Patriots to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. I’m thinking the Steelers will knock them off next week.

5. CFB National Championship: Two words. Deshaun Watson. Despite Alabama’s best efforts to beat up the Clemson’s Tigers’ QB, the young man did his best impersonation of Texas’ Vince Young to lead his squad to an improbable last-second victory. The 35-31 thrill was an instant classic.

6. Mayweather-McGregor: News that Floyd Mayweather was seriously considering a bout against UFC champion Connor McGregor broke the other day. Basically, Mayweather said if the money was right — $100 million for himself and $15 million for McGregor plus a split of PPV sales — he would gladly come out of retirement for a fight. I’d watch it and so would you. Unfortunately, all we’d see is 12 rounds of an angry Irishman chasing Mayweather and his trademark Philly Shell shoulder roll.

7. TAMUCC Baseball: The Islanders’ 2017 baseball schedule was just released and it includes a home game in Whataburger Field against the Texas Longhorns on Friday, March 28.

8. Trump Presser: Whether you voted for him or despise him, president-elect Donald Trump’s press conferences are a must-see. Judging by his first address as the next leader of the United States of America, over the next four years, anytime he steps behind a live mic, we’re in for spectacle which can only be described as part reality show and part car crash.

9. Winter: Where did it do? I mean, it was in the 20s a week ago and as I sit in my my office in beautiful downtown Alice, it’s an amazing spring-like 82 degrees outside.

10. The Walking Dead: If you’re experiencing the January Blues, just remember that every passing week brings me — us — closer to the return to The Walking Dead. The AMC zombie smash hit returns Sunday, Feb. 12.