Hope Davila has competed in Powerlifting in every year of her high school career. Hope is a true testament of how hard work pays off. She started her freshman year in the 105lb weight class. In her very first meet she totaled 375lbs and increased 120 lbs to her total by the end of the season.

During her Junior and Senior seasons, she grew as lifter and gain the confidence she needed to be successful. Hope is the type of athletes’ dream of. She never misses a workout, comes in and works hard every day, and lets her lifting do the talking for her.

Hope is a three-time state qualifier and a two-time state medalist. Hope was strong and little by little, meet by meet, she started to trust the workouts and the coaching techniques she was given and the results spoke for themselves.

This year during her journey to the top she opened the year with a 655 pound total in Skidmore. She had her best total of the season at Regionals in Pharr, Texas with an 825 pound total and at state Hope took 1st place with an 805 pound total improving 170 pounds on the season. Coaches are proud of her accomplishments and wish Hope with her future endeavors and she will be missed.

Freshman year: Start 375lbs, Finished 495lbs, 120lb increase

Sophomore year: Start 530lbs, Finished 625lbs, 95lb increase – State qualifier

Junior year: Start 580lbs, Finished 740lbs, 160lb increase -- 5th place state medalist

Senior year: Start 655lbs, Finished 825lbs 170lb increase-- State Champion

Hope had a 450 pound increase from Freshman year to her Senior year.