The Crude City Roller Derby's 3rd Coast Offenders have added another decisive victory to its inaugural stint in Robstown.

The Offenders handily defeated the Spindletop Roller Girls, a team playing out of Beaumont, during their second bout at the Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds by a final score of 116-50.

Attendance was lower during Saturday's bout than it was during the first match in July, said league president Tricia Galvan, who skates for the Offenders under the name Stormy Daze. However, that was expected, she added, since the bout turned out to be scheduled on the same night as the University of Texas Longhorns game against Texas Tech, as well as Ultimate Fighting Championship and professional boxing matches.

Both teams were evenly matched throughout the first half of the bout, but the Offenders' speedy jammers proved to be too much for Spindletop as the Offenders started to pull away in the second half.

"We were evenly matched and it was just full-on competition, but really fun," Galvan said.

The Offenders' next and final bout will be in November. Afterwards, the team and league will take a few months off before kicking off a full season in March.

Those interested in joining the league as a skater, referee or volunteer can visit the league's Web site or send an email to