The road to the Athletic Amateur Union National Junior Olympics was a tough one for Team Extreme, who triumphed through illness and rainy practices. Their determination gave them an opportunity to compete in Detroit, Mich. from July 26- Aug. 2 against some of the best Junior Olympians in the nation.

Team Extreme's Pink squad competed in the AAU District/National Qualifier in Brownsville June 27.

The girls team consisting of Brianna Barrera, Jasmine Fernandez, Kaitlyn Ramos, Sandy Vasquez and Gabriella Barrera all had top five finishes in different events.

Barerra finished first in the 100 and 200-meter dash. Fernandez finished second at 100-meters with Vasquez finishing third and Ramos finishing fourth. Vasquez also finished third in the 200-meter dash with Vasquez taking fourth.

It was a test of will for Fernandez who had to fight a 104 temperature the night before the competition.

The day of the competition, Fernandez competed despite a 101 fever. She along with Ramos, Brianna Barrera, and Vasquez finished in first place to win the 4x100-meter relay in the bantam division.

Gabriella Barrera, who competed in the primary division, finished third in the 100-meter dash and fourth in the 200.

Last Friday, Team Extreme's Green squad competed in the National Qualifier in Round Rock.

Like the pink squad, Extreme Green had a successful meet.

Breanna Galaviz won first place in the 400-meter dash and the long jump. She also finished second in the 200-meter dash.

Jocelyn Hawkins finished third in the 200-meter dash and Brianna Barrera and Fernandez, without the fever, participated in the 4x100 and 4x400-meter relays and won second in both.