The Robstown Cottonpickers dropped to 1-1 in district play after losing 41-22 on the road Friday to the H.M. Kingsville Brahmas.

On the Brahmas' opening drive, Kyle Cantu ran the ball most of the way and ended the drive with a 10-yard touchdown to put Kingsville ahead, 7-0, early in the game.

The Cottonpickers tried to retaliate with a running drive of their own, but they turned the ball over to the Brahmas after failing to convert on fourth down.

Robstown's defense was able to stop the Brahmas, however, and forced a punt to give the Cottonpickers a second chance to do something with the ball. The Pickers finally got points on the board after driving to Kingsville's 14-yard line and kicking a field goal, ending the first quarter with the Brahmas up, 7-3.

On the third play of the second quarter, Cantu was there again to carry the ball for another touchdown, putting Kingsville up by 10.

The Cottonpickers took the ball from their own 22-yardline and started to rush the ball straight down field. Picker quarterback Joe Mungia took the ball himself and ran 55 yards down midfield for a touchdown on Robstown's fourth play of the drive.

Kingsville in turn rushed 63 yards as the Picker defense had trouble stopping Cantu as Cantu ran it in for another touchdown to put the Brahmas up, 20-10.

Robstown running back Joven Villanueva decided to make a few plays of his own and ran 46 yards in six plays, including a 26-yard touchdown run at the end with only 47 seconds left in the half.

The Brahmas seemed to think that was enough time to score one last touchdown before the half as Kingsville completed a 35-yard pass in the end zone to Will Burkett. Kingsville was up 27-16 as both teams went to the locker rooms.

The Cottonpickers struggled on their opening drive of the second half, but Robstown got another chance after their defense stopped Kingsville cold.

Picker Jimmy Zamora caught a 38-yard pass to put Robstown at Kingsville's 38-yardline. Chris Buentello took the ball another 11 yards, but the Cottonpickers found nowhere to go and it seemed like they were about to try for another field goal. But the Pickers faked the field goal as Buentello ran it around the right side for a touchdown to bring the Pickers to within five points.

Kingsville continued to run down the Pickers' defense and the clock the rest of the fourth quarter. On the second play of the fourth quarter, Cantu ran it in for his fourth touchdown. With a successful two-point conversion, Kingsville was up, 33-22, just inside the fourth.

The Pickers' offense could not drive the ball as they found nowhere to run and nowhere to pass, as several injuries took out key players.

The Brahmas' Marc Cavazos scored one last time to put Kingsville far out of reach of Robstown, as the game ended 41-22.

"We just couldn't ever stop them. They stopped themselves a few times, but we never stopped them," said Robstown head coach Doug Wood. "Our tackles were poor and we just threw away a great opportunity to go 2-0 into the Calallen game."

Robstown will play at home against the undefeated Calallen Wildcats Friday night.