For sisters Amanda and Ally Barerra, powerlifting has brought them together as the two Tuloso-Midway juniors advanced to the state championship last weekend.

Amanda lifts at 181-pounds while Ally lifts at 148.

"I'm real excited about these two making state," powerlifting coach John Livas said. "They are very prepared and I expect them to both medal. One thing as a coach that I've got to remember is to make sure that I don't burn them out before competition so they can perform their best."

The two have been performing consistently well all season.

"I try my hardest and hope to win in every single meet," Amanda said. "Overall I have done pretty well leading up to state."

This was Amanda's third year at state. She won the state title two years ago as a freshman.

Amanda also said that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to excel in this sport.

"If you are not dedicated, then you are not going to lift well," Amanda said.

Amanda trains four days a week, and tries to push herself to the limit at every meet.

As for Ally, the younger sister of the two, she convinced big sis Amanda.

"It's funny because I wanted her to try it with me, and now she's much better than I am," Ally said.

Although Ally had more of a passion for powerlifting, her hard work paid off as she made her first state meet this year.

"Seeing my sister go these past two years, it's very exciting that I made it this far," Ally said. "I pushed myself really hard to do my best, and it is going to be a different experience going to this level."

After Saturday's state competition, Amanda won her second state title winning in the 181-pound class.

Little sister Ally won second place at 141 pounds.